Britain’s drone alarm: “There are already 100,000, increasingly likely collisions with planes”

More than 50 of the air-risk situations, classified as “near misses”, recorded from the beginning of 2016 in Britain. At the origin of these disasters touched the drones, that more and more flying over the skies of the island.

In 2015, reports were 29. In 2014, 10. An increase that has alarmed the British authorities: “With these numbers, the probability that a drone strike aircraft is high.”

And ‘the news of these hours reported by TgCom24 online site ( “How warns Mr Landells – we read on the site – a former RAF pilot heard from Mirror newspaper:” If a drone hit a plane or a helicopter disaster would be almost certain “.

A concern not remote, whereas the drones in flight, in Britain alone, there are about 100,000, a number destined to grow inexorably, according to industry experts. Captain Pullen, a pilot with extensive flying experience, the uproar, in front of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety: “In 2015, approaching Gatwick, missed little that a drone clashed with Airbus A321. E ‘was terrifying. ”

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