New: E-flite Convergence VTOL

E-Flite has marketed the sympathetic “tiltrotor / multicopter” VTOL who wants to rewrite the vertical takeoff technology Rc Airplane.

With the intent to eliminate the complex negative variables of these RC planes usually see a mix of performance (if they are stable their speed and agility is often lackluster; if they are agile drivers they must work harder to transition between hovering and flight) of the E-Flite VTOL aims to find a solution to all this.

Its unique design and exclusive flight control software should (the conditional is a must because I have not tried it yet) give the best of both (agility and stability) while transitioning between multicopter and aircraft should be fluid and predictable.

convergence-01-300x207 convergence3-300x233 convergence-vtol-runway-1-768x247

Unlike complex VTOL aircraft that rotate the whole wing and require up to four engines to achieve vertical flight and translated, the VTOL E-flite uses a simple yet elegant design with a delta-wing with three brushless motors – two rotary engines on the wings and an engine in a fixed position in the queue.

In condition multicopter the wing engines rotate on a vertical position to provide vertical thrust while the forward flight is entrusted to the engine at the rear. During the flight traversed the wing motors rotate downwards in a horizontal position and the elevons of the model take the yaw control.

The model has a wingspan of 650mm and a length of 680mm; Fishing 780 grams and requires 3S batteries 2200Mah. And ‘it arranged to mount a camera and electronic transmission for FPV.

Here’s the video:



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