New Graupner MZ-24 PRO

Graupner updates its stable of transmitting 2.4 GHz devices with nova MZ-24 PRO. A professional 12-channel radio inside (and outside) encompasses much more than just a dull red restyling. Look more aggressive, more features and a complete and efficient LCD screen color 128 × 64.

Suitable to pilot airplanes, gliders, multirotori, helicopters, cars, trucks, boats or functional models in general. The control sticks are made of aluminum to ensure maximum accuracy and longevity while the programming menu has been completely redesigned by Graupner and, according to the German company, now is clearer, re-organized and intuitive.

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It ‘been inserted (as has become a must on the RC radio) also can save and freely assign switches voice files or voice notifications, for example, during the transition from one phase to another flight, the ability to configure logical switches following the rule “and / or”, assigned to any switch and programmed sequences using the new “channel sequencer” (very useful in the case of doors, reach trucks, etc.).

The new Grauponer MZ-24 PRO is compatible with HoTTGr-18 telemetry Hott 3G + 3A + Vario rx 9 ch gyro, telemetry which is already integrated into the radio system and rx E ‘powered by a 5000 mAh Lipo battery included. Expect to see it live to test the features!

s1006-pro_mz_24_pro_04_600-300x204 s1006-pro_mz_24_pro_display_01_600-300x199



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