New Sanwa MT-44 2.4GHz 4 ch

Sanwa has presented the new MT-44, we can see immediately a different design and improved compared to the popular MT-4s, with a large white backlit display and an adjustable handle that allow it to be pulled out for breathability of the hand or retracted for normal use.

He could not miss the telemetry for this new jewel of Sanwa home, which offers many interesting features such as the display of the ambient temperature, with a Mirco SD support to increase the radio’s memory. The MT-44 is powered by a 3s lipo battery.

This radio system supports SHR SSR modulation and Sanwa and is compatible with most FHaT and FH3 receivers. The system in addition is equipped with a USB port and will provide countless compatible receivers (RX-482, RX-481, RX-472 and RX-471. The MT-44).

Its official launch is scheduled for November! See you soon for more details..




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