New Serpent SRX2 MidHybrid 2WD buggy

The serpent has the new kit of SRX2 MidHybrid 2wd buggy, designed to run well on a multitude of surfaces such as grass, carpet, clay and soiled surfaces. On the frame two different speed changes have been mounted, a stand-up transmission in low traction, a laydown exchange for the more difficult tracks.

The frame was made of hard aluminum 7075-T6 Hard-anodized with a pick-up plate in separate aluminum, the kit is supplied as standard in addition to a differential high-performance balls. The radio system is installed on a carbon base is also standard in the kit and a new MidHybrid body.

The suspension could not be outdone, in fact in the kit of the New Serpent SRX2 MidHybrid 2WD buggy are those mounted on the note SRX2, there is also the possibility of installing this kit on the proven camio 4 stand-up gear 4 gears for greater stability.

Recall that the MidHybrid, (runner-up in this year’s EFRA Euros) is in the hands of Jörn Neumann. This kit will be available by the end of October with upgrade facilities for the powertrain and chassis, to update older versions of telio spec. Other short updates.






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