RealFlight RF-X Software: the new frontier of the simulator

Realism. More than anything else. And ‘what promises the new version “X” of the well-known software for flight simulation Rc, RealFlight, the most loved by hobbyists Rc.

The promise that the 0azienda makes to its customers is to get a new and very “real” flight simulator with model airplanes, helicopters or drones, as to argue that “no other RC flight simulator can obtain performance so close to reality fly an RC plane. ”

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In the new version “X” RealFlight really seems to have even more to offer than ever before. “The extremely realistic physics – says the company – which has attracted pilots to RealFlight since the first edition, has made inroads into the market and is now further enhanced with updated graphics with detail never before seen in the world .Accedere RealFlight is easier than never with simple and intuitive interface that virtually guarantees you install the software and fly in a few moments. ”

I wonder if everything is so exciting. It would be really worth a try…



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