SAITO FG 84R3: the new three-cylinder petrol radial

Saito still amazes: the family of RC application engines is enhanced with the new three-cylinder radial engine powered FG84R3 gasoline. 84cc with an output of 5,7Hp.

The new Saito FG-84R3 is at motor petrol version FA-450R3 already on the market. And ‘specifically it designed for large models and high-performance. “Beyond the advantages of a 4-gas engine times- Saito it says – this is the engine for those who like clean and efficient engines, accompanied by the power and reliability of Saito, an aspect that stands out and the sweet sound “.

saito-84-2-300x300 saito84-3-300x300

This engine has a larger displacement of the previous 450 3-cylinder radial engine, and easy starts with reliable performance thanks to the new electronic ignition compatible with 2S LiPo. The Walbro carburetor has a rotating rod specifically for 4-stroke engines, ensuring a reliable fuel supply and outstanding performance at any range. About Horizon Hobby.

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