Here is the travel radio: Turnigy Digital Evolution AFHDS

If you are looking for a remote control “travel” compact but advanced technologically speaking, then the new Turnigy Digital Evolution AFHDS is right for you.

This new and unique radio is designed with the help of drones FPV pilots, it is small but with great ergonomics and looks like a video game controller. The movements of the stick are on bearings for a pleasant feeling. The easy portability is enhanced by the fact that the radio has a cover that allows you to store it in your backpack without inconvenience.

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The evolution AFHDS in Turnigy system is based on 2.4GHz technology AFHDS 2A with 8 channels and radio with vine comes with a TGV-iA6C receiver with two receiving antennas with high gain. Turnigy Digital Evolution AFHDS has a backlit LCD touch screen on top for programming, two switches 3-position, a potentiometer knob and memory for 5 models. It ‘available in white or black and costs $ 67.


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