Trophy in 2016 for manufacturers Novarossi

Trophy in 2016 for manufacturers Novarossi. Ben 51 riders from all over Italy were challenged at the Miniatodromo Margerita of Ponte San Giovanni (Association modeling BRT) at the 4th edition of the GT Manufacturers’ Trophy. Expert in the category of this competition, the rider Fabio Boero driving his Mz4 (Schepis Model) Novarossi has conquered the highest step of the podium the Novarossi engines are also marked in the other categories.


Expert category podium:

1. Fabio Boero (Mz4/Novarossi)
2. Lorenzo Felici (I-Fenix/Novarossi)
3. Filippo Beretta

F1-A Podium category:

1. Federico Quaresima
2. Stefano Bucci (Bmt/Novarossi)
3. Luca Cocimano

Podium category F1-A:

1. Federico Quaresima
2. Stefano Bucci  (Bmt/Novarossi)
3. Luca Cocimano

F2-A podium category:

1. Alessio Ursicino (I-Fenix/Novarossi)
2. Giovanni Patrono
3. Fabio Valente (Crono/Novarossi)

F2-B Podium category:

1. Beccari Andrea (I-Fenix/Novarossi)
2. Romano Antonio (I-Fenix/Novarossi)
3. Falchetti Fabrizio (MM01/Novarossi)




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