Recalled from GoPro all Karma to sudden shutdowns in flight

Recalled from GoPro all Karma to sudden shutdowns in flight.

Sensational news from GoPro recalling all buyers who have already purchased the Karma (2500) to return their own drone at their headquarters, qanche though it apparently works well. The customer will be refunded the full amount spent on the purchase of the drone.

The problem affects only the Karma, however, those who purchased the bundle, including GoPro Hero 5 and the handheld grip, must return all..

This GoPro decision lies in the fact that some Karma have a big problem, suddenly it goes off in flight. The GoPro, not knowing the cause of Security Council decided to call back all the Karma sold these days.

A similar thing happened to XIAOMI, who last September drew factory 3000 MI DRONE to replace the engines, however, unlike the Karma news had aroused much less fuss.

Here’s the official statement from the GoPro for the withdrawal of Karma: Karma Return




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