iPhone 7 and the mystery of the second speaker “fake” here is what’s behind

iPhone 7 and the mystery of the second speaker “fake” here is what’s behind

A major novelty – or at least one of the most talked about – the iPhone 7:07 Plus is definitely the lack of headphone jack, an element that forces users to use the new headphones with Lightning connector or choose a wireless solution such as AirPods Apple.

But what it is inside the iPhone 7 in place of the audio jack? To unravel the mystery was the iFixit site, known for more detailed analysis of technology products, dissected in every aspect.

The iPhone 7, of course, could not be an exception and it is thanks to the video posted a few hours ago we can discover what lies beneath the aluminum body.

At the base of the smartphone, in fact, there are two grills for speakers, but not take much to figure out that the only sound comes from the right side, that is always associated to the audio of the phone.

The left grid, then, is present almost exclusively for a purely aesthetic purpose, to balance the design of the device without leaving a potentially bad empty space. In short, behind the grille there is nothing but a small piece of plastic that apparently serves no purpose.

In reality, however, the miniature box is the barometer vent necessary precisely because of the necessary tight seal required to ensure water resistance.

In short, the barometer – ie the tool that smartphone calculates altitude – needs a vent to be reliable. Which, of course, in a completely sealed device may be a problem.

Hence the creation of the plastic little box and the grid “Extra”. To have “killed” the audio jack, however, two other elements were also. The Taptic Engine, that is, that device positioned just above the Home key that generates a physical feedback similar to a vibration, requires more space than the one entered in the iPhone 6S.

Furthermore, the battery of the new model is larger, decreasing even more the free space available.



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