That’s what it cost to build an Apple iPhone 7

That’s what it cost to build an Apple iPhone 7

Like every year even this September, the new iPhone has reached the market and, as every year, also in 2016 the apple smartphone is characterized by an exorbitant price according to many, ranging from 835 $ the base model of the iPhone 7 up to 1200 $ Plus version of 256GB.

But the company’s Cupertino how much it costs to produce one of these models and, above all, the final price is really justified? The accounts in your pocket at the apple has made CNN Money them, which published on its website in the cost of the individual components that are used by Apple to create a single iPhone 7.

The prices of components are the following:

Display:  $ 37

Battery:  $ 4

Cameras:  $ 26

Main Board:  $ 74

speakers:  $ 11,50

Case:  $ 22

Other components:  $ 117,50

The last item refers to items such as sensors and, of course, other internal components. Apple then spends $ 292 in materials needed to produce an iPhone 7 128GB, while the market enters the device at a cost of $ 750 in the US.

Considering only these data, then, Apple would spend 39 percent of what you earn to produce a single device. In reality, however, it must also take into account the costs of assembly, design, marketing, etc. In addition, the new version of the Apple smartphone is that the most expensive ever produced: the old models costing less to Apple, despite the price was almost unchanged compared to the past.




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