WhatsApp, discovered a dangerous security flaw, here is how to defend themselves

WhatsApp, discovered a dangerous security flaw, here is how to defend themselves

Conversations within the messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are not as safe as we think, it has unveiled the computer security company InTheCyber ​​that during the last few hours has released a video in which shows the ease with which an attacker may violate a WhatsApp Telegram account or by exploiting a vulnerability to answering machines of some telephone companies and authentication procedures of messaging systems on Web.

As reported by the technicians of Milanese society, the security flaw that would cover about 32 million Italian SIM and could be exploited by many users because the procedure does not require huge computing knowledge and above all do not need particular technological tools.

The topic was attended by the CEO and founder of InTheCyber, Paolo Lezzi, that the drafting of the Courier says: “This vulnerability can be easily closed with the cooperation of telcos and service providers but it is only the demonstration of non-optimal state in which pours the security of computer and digital systems. ”

Engineers at computer security company that discovered the problem have tried to contact those responsible for WhatsApp and Telegram to put them on alert about this dangerous flaw but from the two producing companies of app notes instant messaging do not seem interested in the problem, as highlighted from InTheCyber ​​team: “WhatsApp said she was simply” not interested in the problem “because, according to the company, the responsibility would be telephone operators.

Telegram however did not respond to our reporting, as well as managers we contacted. ”

Pierce a WhatsApp account and Telegram

Exploiting the security flaw in the code management to access the Web version of the two instant messaging applications, when the phone of the victim is not connected, the four-digit PIN is communicated via the answering machine from a synthesized voice. According to experts of InTheCyber ​​the bug can be corrected easily but needs the collaboration between telco and service providers only to find themselves far more troubling issues that can jeopardize the safety of persons.

It is thus advised to disable the answering machine to avoid that some hacker will ask for the four-digit security code to access our account via WhatsApp messaging or Web Telegram Web or alternatively to increase the security of your WhatsApp and Telegram account, activate the two-factor authentication.



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