The drone accompanies you on the ski slopes

The drone accompanies you on the ski slopes

The use of drones has become part of our daily lives. The fields in which these jewels of electronic technology are used are many and most of these involve the recreational / sport. But also in the field of “multicotteri” the news we are continuing at a strong pace. Among them those dedicated to winter sports.

Some of these “flying objects” expressly dedicated skiers (or snow) are already on the market, others will be short but all year in common the fact that they can return independently of the performance of the fans following them snow as our trusty little dog.

But how do you make sure the aircraft to fly them right over to sports, avoiding trees, poles or protruding spikes one might ask? For example, with routes as prescribed, for example, overlooking a safe distance the side of the mountains along the ski trails. Here are some running in this video.

Or with drones that are guided by a GPS signal that we wear and which allows him to not lose sight of. Of this type it is already on the market or the Lily Room Hexo + who have the independent ability to follow the subject of a video to make shots from a professional level. The quadricottero tracks the subject picking up the GPS signal which is emitted by a positioning device to be worn on the wrist from the subject to be shot. To start shooting you have to launch the drone in the air to activate the rotors.

We just have to try it …



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