Lily Drone, a failure by $ 34 million

Lily Drone, a failure by $ 34 million

Not always a big success heralded the end is revealed that, as we all know Lily Robotics, the company that with its new drone was able to get a big hit when casting so as to have received donations worth about 24 million dollars (about 60,000 orders for the drone Lily).

How sadly it seems the company has announced that he can not produce it, were just the two founders to specify the reason, in fact they say there is a lack of liquidity to cope with the production of their drone Lily.

This is due above all by the fact that the enormous costs due to support the design and the various tests would reset the account of the company bank.

Fortunately the money stay will be used to repay all those who pre-ordered the drone, the finding of the Lily Robotics. The refund procedure will be automatic for all those who paid by credit card, which must be valid. Instead, for all the others will have to fill in a form made available to the company.

This shows that not always a good idea and a good project at the end suffice to achieve the chosen goal.

A very bitter experience for the more than 60,000 people who had pre-ordered the drone Lily, as it was one of the first systems to have the “follow-me feature” that system which automatically chase the rider, as well as the take-off function and landing which took place directly from the hands of the pilot.



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