The Breeze of Yuneec

The Breeze of Yuneec

The Yuneec is commercializing its new low-end product “Breeze” which is governed by an app installed on your smartphone.

In just 380 grams the Yuneec has captured the amazing quality, only sore are only those 80 grams more than expected with regard to the harmlessness sogli stability of our national laws. That this clarification we need to say that it should have a good quality video, in fact there are many drones in this band to have a room on board to 4K, at least in nominal title.

His room to “4K” is equipped with electronic image stabilization, a software system able to stabilize images moves through a “cut out” of control frames that generate the video, so as to try and make the video more stable as possible. However, this feature is available only if you set the video settings on FullHD instead in 4K this feature is not available.

We can say that the Breeze has an excellent quality / price ratio, the flow rate of the final consumer, who will have a small drone that can be used for simple professional applications.

Unfortunately, this drone is designed to use with an app for smartphones: many drivers accustomed to fly their drones by remote control might find unpleasant this thing, so the Yuneec has made available to them a FPV kit.

The kit contains a fpv which viewer is completed with compatible smartphones, and a joepad similar to that found in the Playstation and X-Box and so on.

For those interested in purchasing the Breeze as I base price of the web click on this link ->



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