Dubai traveling in drone

When you think about Dubai immediately come to mind Ferrari and Lamborghini around the streets of the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

But the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) is carrying out for some time now a number of projects and measures to change transport in Dubai by 2025.

In addition to the car sharing fleet in autonomous driving, now it faces a new solution, which is a giant Drone can transport a person with a small luggage up to 50 km away along preset routes independently.

But what is most surprising is that this is not a long-term study, but will start as early as July.

You must not do is book the “rush” through a dedicated app, and at this point from the drone operations center (made by Chinese Ehang) is sent to the point of embarkation. Once on board, via a tablet supplied in the vehicle you can select one of the preset destinations and enjoy the autonomous flight of quadricottero. Despite missing a few months still they have not revealed many details, such as whether the service will be operated by a third company or Local Authority directly. Here is a short video presentation:



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