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Ferrari F50 di Tyson (image by

It comes an interesting news for the sports car collectors lovers. Ferrari F50 that belonged to Mike Tyson was auctioned and will be purchased by fans of supercars and sports world in general. The car was produced by the Maranello between 1995 and 1997 to replace the F40 and was one of the models that received the most successful. They were assembled only 349 specimens, of which 50 ended in the United States. One of them ended up with Mike Tyson’s boxing champion who managed to aggiudicarsene one.

Ferrari F50 Tyson auction, the price

The car represented a great step forward by the Italian home in terms of performance on the road thanks to the presence of a V12 engine that can unleash a power from 520 horses. As far as performance is witnessed that the car can reach a top speed of 325 km / h, reaching 100 km / h from a standstill in an estimated time of 3.87 seconds. Tyson he assured one but used it sparingly given the fact that his F50 has recently traveled less than 10,000 kilometers.

Now RM Sotheby’s held an auction to offer for sale the car that belonged to the man who made the recent history of boxing stating that the conditions, even outside, the car is perfect. The auction will be held during the month of March and the car value is estimated at 2.16 million Euros. A piece from the collection accessible only to a few but you can bet that will appeal to many fans who want to make a piece of history also considered his old owner

Ferrari F50 di Tyson (image by


Ferrari F50 di Tyson (image by



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