RC Hydroplane ProBoat UL19 50mph!

ProBoat presents its new ProBoat UL19 Rc Hydroplane right now that it is about to start the summer and then it just happens this small aquatic RC booster pushed by a powerful 6-pole 2000kV brushless motor.

The main problem is that to be able to try this summer we have to go looking for a totally isolated place for bathers, why? The reason why this is soon said, this Rc monster is powered by a 6s battery capable of over 80 kmh. So pay close attention to safety if you decide to buy this Rc boat.

All the electronics of this radio-controlled motorboat is totally waterproof, it could not be otherwise .. Here is a video that shows us his sensational water dowries .. I forgot! This Rc boat is ready to launch, pull it out of the box and shoot.





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