Xray GTX8 Nitro GT car

The Xray also has its GT model, the new Xray GTX8 Nitro GT car 1/8. This Rc Car will be deployed in Mounting Kits, the Xray GTX8 is based on the XB8 Racing Buggy.

The frame is made of anodised aluminum 7075-T6 often 3 mm and uses extra thick carbon suspension towers, 18.5 mm Big Bore shock absorbers, 4-wheel drive transmission, 3-speed double-clutch, gears in Hardened steel and stainless steel roller.

All Xray GTX8 materials are made of high quality products, which adopt specific rc car specifications.

Xray GTX8 Datasheets:

  • Anodized aluminum frame 7075-T6 of 3 mm thick.
  • 1-piece radio dish.
  • Towers Extra carbon fiber shock absorbers.
  • Foam bumper.
  • 3 pair high torque clutch.
  • Aluminum motor mount.
  • 150cc tank. Precision brake disks.
  • High-hold brake calipers.
  • 4WD transmission with shaft.
  • Front and rear diffusers 46T.
  • 2-speed gearbox.
  • High speed hardened steel gears.
  • XPBS front suspension.
  • I.S.S. Alloy suspension pins with inserts.
  • Hudy stainless steel shackles.
  • Front and back anti-roll bars.
  • Double Steering Linkage.
  • 18.5 mm Big Bore Ammunition.
  • Slip cushions in Delrin.

Xray GTX8 Dimensions:

  • Length: 510mm.
  • Width: 300mm.
  • Wheelbase:
  • 318-326mm.
  • Weight: 3320 grams.



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