Drone Racer Setting Manager: Kyosho racing drum software!

┬áDrone Racer Setting Manager: Kyosho racing drum software!┬áThe “Drone Racer Setting Manager” software just released by Kyosho is an application that allows you to easily set up the Japanese drone racing drums.

For the moment, you can download the Windows PC version, but it will also soon arrive for the Android mobile device (click here to download the Windows executable free of charge).

This software developed by Kyosho engineers allows access to customizations and settings that were previously unavailable, making the flight characteristics and performance of the Drone Racer even closer to the tastes and the needs of the pilot.

After installing this app, POWER UP will also be available to add additional customization features to the program. If you are one of the lucky owners of this drone, I also recommend updating the firmware by downloading the latest version available on the official website directly through the “Drone Racer Setting Manager” program.

Remember I remember that drone racers are entry level competing quadricots and were presented for the first time in September at the Tokyo Model Show. These race multipliers are the only ones that can be driven by a flywheel radio, making it much more immediate and understandable for those who run with radio controlled cameras but has never fired anything.



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