RC4WD 8 × 8 Armageddon Volvo FMX with hydraulic system

RC4WD 8 × 8 Armageddon Volvo FMX with hydraulic system. The RC4WD started selling the new 8 × 8 Armageddon truck in 1/14 scale with a hydraulic discharge container.

Features include a two-speed transmission system with planetary gears, 8 driving wheels with four front steering, Brushed Brushed Engine RS-540 35T for truck movement, 1000kv brushless engine for five-level hydraulic system Extension with three different profiles, 17kg servo with double arm for Volvo FMX front cabin steering and rear radio remote control differential lock.

The model is sold assembled and almost ready for use with the 6-channel FS-CT6B radio remote control. To start having fun, you will need to purchase separately the 6500mAh 11.1V battery of the maximum size (37mm x 30mm x 75mm), the battery charger, the 8 AA stylus for the radio and the hydraulic system oil (DTE22 V22 recommended).

The truck comes as colorful as in the pictures and is full of details such as headlights, protection grilles, windscreen wipers, light bar over cockpit, stairs, side tanks, fire extinguishers and spare wheel. Many parts like the 10-disc wheel rims are made of aluminum while others are made of steel. The hydraulic system allows a load of 15 kg in weight. The price of this jewel that weighs over 9 kg is about 2000 $.

Online is also available the 23-page instruction manual (which you can download by clicking here) where you can get more information about the mechanics, use and operation of the various 8×8 Armageddon parts.

Dimensions RC4WD 8 × 8 Armageddon Truck Length: 690 mm Width: 186 mm Height: 262 mm Axle Gear Ratio: 2.6: 1 Transfer Case Gear Ratio: 1: 1 For more information you can visit the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.



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