CherokeeSnow video: snow and scaler models

CherokeeSnow video: snow and scaler models. To celebrate the start of the winter season, the legendary Canadian Canadian model maker YouTube Headquake 137 RC Creations has posted a new video dedicated to a detailed replica of a Jeep Cherokee.

The model is based on an Axial SCX10 chassis with a “scratch build” built from scratch. This movie was shot at the first snowfall of the season when the snow cover was a couple of inches to ensure a more realistic touch (at some moments it seems to see a real Jeep in action).

If you are a passionate model of scaler and snow, I take the opportunity to remind you that the American RC4WD offers a snowmobile compatible with the Axial SCX10 Rubicon and Trail Finder 2 scaler. The kit includes the shovel, the aluminum support with machines Numerical control and pistons (which allow you to raise and lower the span louvre). The uprights, made of aluminum, are sold separately as well as the servomotor needed to actuate the pistons.




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