Drone Dji Mavic and video: For hobbies or for work? Who can say it!

Drone Dji Mavic and video: For hobbies or for work? Who can say it! The arrival of the new drummer Dji Mavic makes the diatribe again on one of the most critical points by those who use the video in professional applications, ie the ability to process the images after they have been filmed.

In other words, the camera (but in the end is the same with photography) must always be the most neutral instrument possible, just capture the images and archive them into a file, as they were “seen” by the electronic eye and without reworking Independently the frames.

Subsequently, the editor or, more appropriately, a color correction specialist will have the ability, with ease, to apply color filters and calibrations, experimenting and modifying, and acting where it is considered appropriate by the director or the director of photography.

Conversely, if the file generated by the digital camera is “poor”, little can be done to improve a scene.

An actor’s face is in shadow? Does the scene have a dominant green over-emphasized? Do the machines have different brand, model and optics, so the white temperature and the colorimetry are not homogeneous?

A good “colorist” always knows how to come out of such situations, intervening through specific applications on one or more of the many possible parameters, until the desired result is achieved.

The biggest criticism by professionals on images generated by “commercial” drums is this: Generally the generated files are so compressed and the sensors so limited that subsequent interventions always result in a loss of quality, often unacceptable for professional use.

Dji dronininino (yes, will be the 2017 sci-fi and the game of the summer) stands in the middle of the two worlds. Looked on by suppositories, considered a toy because of that little cellphone sensor almost as a cellphone, figured out if it can be used in serious jobs!

Yet watch the video below: Kraig Adams is a New York video-maker who uses many “smart” tools in his productions. Sure, we would all like to shoot with camera and millionaire optics, but if the customer has a small budget, what do you do, spring up?

No, and so it jumps out that in the end Mavic still has a remarkable bitrate that can reach 60 Mb, and look at Kraig that exciting results it gets with a specific plugin, though no one prohibits using other tools such as Adobe Premiere or Da Vinci Resolve. In short, nothing really bad!

We remind you that all DJI products can be purchased by Bizmodel, which is an Italian distributor and service center. If you do not want to invest really important figures, you want to be able to fly even in the interior, you need to move “lightly” and above all you do not have to face the production of James Cameron’s next movie I think about Mavic I would do it …

Note: Very good video and Kraig flies to the great heavens on the skies of London, but you do not understand much about how much it is allowed to do so: think well if you want to imitate it, and even on Italian cities! If you do not have the documents in place I would think twice before getting up as he did … never forget!



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