Drones: Yuneec Breeze FPV, the kit you do not expect

Drones: Yuneec Breeze FPV, the kit you do not expect. Yuneec has launched Breeze, its ultra-high band multi-cam which is controlled by app installed on a iOS or Android mobile phone.

It’s a surprising quality drone, very small size, weighing 380 grams, just above the law limit for authorized operations, and a relatively good video operation. As with other quadricons, it has a 4K camcorder, at least in nominal terms.

The room is not equipped with “physical” stabilization, but only electronic. In other words, a continuous control system “tweaks” the frame so as to make the movements of the image due to the flight suffixes as soft as possible, guaranteeing the liking of the end result.

However, this is only possible in FullHD mode, while in real 4K mode the service is unavailable.

Beyond this, Breeze remains a product for the broader market, with a very favorable price / quality ratio and a more acceptable picture and video recovery, we can say it could even be used for simple professional applications.

But Breeze is a drone that can be controlled by a phone app: for many, it may be an advantage, but for some more used to flying with the thumbs it may be an unpleasant limit. There is a solution, and it is with the FPV kit.

In this kit you can find a viewer (to be completed with a compatible mobile phone) that allows you to view images, but also a simple controller similar to Playstation or X-Box to fly your own small drone.

It will not be the Futaba 14SG radio remote control of drones, but in short, for the thumbsman, it’s a ready-to-use solution for a few tens of Dollars!

If you have any doubts about Breeze and its video capabilities, watch the official video:




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