Tamiya Mercedes-AMG GT3 on chassis TT-02

Tamiya Mercedes-AMG GT3 on chassis TT-02. Tamiya started the distribution of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 on TT-02 chassis. The polycarbonate bodywork is the copy of the Mercedes-AMG presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

The TT-02 chassis is made of composite material with battery on the left and engine on the right, four-wheel drive with 2 differentials, adjustable oil shock absorbers, ventilated engine box and wheel hubs with disc brakes (only aesthetic).

Together with the model are also supplied a Torque Tuned motor and the electronic controller TBLE-02S.

To complete the model you will need receiver, servo, battery and radio control. Alternatively, you can purchase the Tamiya FineSpec set that includes all the electronics you need.



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