TTRobotix Thunderhawk CX 180 – Coaxial Drone

TTRobotix Thunderhawk CX 180 – Coaxial Drone. Among the novelties that will be shown at the next CES in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January by TTRobotix (Thunder Tiger) we find the Thunderhawk CX 180 coaxial drone. This drone is designed for agricultural applications with 55 minutes of autonomy Flight, comes with GPS, a tank for fluid loading with drainage system and a 3D laser scanning system for the underlying ground.

The Thunderhawk CX 180 flies thanks to a powerful 400 kw brushless motor that is compatible with 6,000 mAh battery packs. The maximum flying load is 20kg and the flying time is reduced to 20 minutes with 10 kg of load.

Dimensions TTRobotix Thunderhawk CX 180

Length 1.150 mm
Width 540 mm
Height 975 mm
Rotor diameter 1.820 mm
Maximum take-off weight 33kg




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