DJI GS PRO: the new Station Ground App for drone

DJI GS PRO: the new Station Ground App for drone. These days in Las Vegas, the CES Consumer Electronics Fair is taking place. On this occasion, DJI has announced a number of new developments for drones like the new iPad App for iPad Free Ground Station. This new app, which replaces those developed by third parties so far, allows the planning of automatic drones.

GS Pro (Ground Station Pro) is quite intuitive and allows you to easily plan complex flights.

Among the available options is the creation of a virtual fence (a virtual cage) that allows you to delineate the flying area (among the settings of the cage there is also the possibility of deciding the maximum height and limiting The speed of the multi-engine) when driving the drone in manual mode.

This new application also allows automatic 3D mapping: once we’ve set up the area on the iPad display, the area we want to map GS Pro takes care of everything else (there is also an automatic optimization that varies depending on the drone and Of the camcorder used).

In the video above we can see a brief presentation of the main features of this interesting App that I remember can be downloaded free of charge by all the owners of a DJI drone.

The DJI GS PRO app is compatible with the following drones and flight control products from the Chinese brand: Phantom 3 (in Standard, Advanced, 4K and Professional versions), Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 and Inspire 2 and of course the new Mavic Pro folding quadricopter.

Compared to the DJIGO with this new App it is possible to easily plan the waypoints flights (up to 99 waypoints per flight can be programmed by setting parameters such as height, speed and gimbal orientation. Each waypoint can also be associated with up to 15 Different actions).

This DJI GS PRO app is an unexpected gift from DJI (only there is no Android version yet): you can download it for free so even if you’ve already purchased a third party app and you have an iPad there is no reason to Do not download it from Apple’s official app store.



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