OwerRay: the submarine drone for fishermen

The submarine drone for fishermen. In the past few days in Las Vegas, the 50th edition of the International Consumer Electronics Show (better known as CES) was held: the world’s most important consumer electronics trade fair.

With regard to the drones world, one of the most exciting novelties has been proposed by PowerVision, a giant IT technology specialist, such as the big data and robotics known in the world of multi-motors for the innovative PowerEgg, the revolutionary quadricopter that closes as an egg. This company has unveiled the PowerRay, a diver drone primarily designed for fishing lovers who can explore the underwater world.

PowerRay allows you to control the movement of fish up to 70 meters deep (this drone can dive up to 30 meters underwater but the internal sonar can detect fish for another 40 meters).

The built-in WiFi system has a transmission range of approximately 80 meters. The FishReacher, the PowerRay Fishfinder, is separate from the drone, so it can also be used as a standalone fishfinder device (also with a blue light with a shade chosen to attract fish).

The Fishfinder connects to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with an app (compatible with iOS and Android) that allows underwater FPV experience (the integrated camera is a 4K UHD and can take 12 megapixel). By purchasing the optional Power Vision VR Google accessory, you can explore seabed with virtual reality. The VR Google allows you to drive the underwater drone through gestures without the need for a controller in your hand.

This underwater drum weighs 3.5 kg (plus two more when optional accessories are installed) and has a maximum of 4 hours of diving.

PowerRay is available from late February in two different colors: white (as in photo) and red.



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