Picco S1 .12 Team – Explosive Engine for Touring 1/10

Picco S1 .12 Team – Explosive Engine for Touring 1/10. The Italian Picco Micro Engines has presented the new S1 .12 Racing Engine for 1/10 200mm touring models. The engine uses a long running system and improves performance across all operating modes. The S1 has a 2.11cc displacement of 215 grams and develops a power of 1.80hp to 42.000 RPM. Among the features are 3 doors, lowered head to improve the center of gravity and cranckshaft with 12mm silicon insert and 12mm bearing. Each engine is assembled and controlled by Edoardo Picco.

Features Picco S1 .12 Team

Racking: 3
CNC machined pistons and connecting rods.
Cranckshaft with 12mm silicone insert.
Separate combustion chamber insert.
12 mm Swiss Top Bearing.
Lowered head (low center of gravity).
Venturi: 5.4mm.
Displacement: 2.11cc.
Bore: 13.70mm.
Running: 14.20mm.
Output: 1.80hp @ 42.000rpm.
Weight: 215 grams.

Link: teampicco.com



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