Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Quad Indoor

Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Quad Indoor. Here is the little Walkera drone, the Rodeo 110. This small race quadricopter is designed for indoor races where traditional racing quads are too fast. The frame is made of carbon fiber, has a length of 11cm and comes with a single PCB that deals with ESC functions, receiving and transmitting video at 5.8Ghz.


Video transmission

At the front there is space for the 600TLV HD camcorder with an adjustable angle of 45 degrees, while at the back the 5.8Ghz transmission antenna. With a switch you can decide whether to set the video transmission to 200mW or 600mW.

Flight time

The LiPo battery provided with the Rodeo 110 is a LiPo 800 mAh and provides a 6 minute flight time of 30 minutes charging with the included charger. The total weight of the model is equal to an iPhone 6S and is about 140 grams including the battery.


The frame as we have said is made of 2mm thick carbon fiber and uses composite material at the most critical points to ensure maximum resistance even during accidents.

Futaba radios

On the PCB you will also find an SBUS port for the use of radio controls compatible with this system such as Futaba

Link: walkera.com



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