Dangerous balances: Dumbbell Gimbal for stable shooting

Dangerous balances: Dumbbell Gimbal for stable shooting. The advent of two or three axle brushless gimbals on the one hand has led to the possibility of creating very stable and qualitatively sophisticated video footage while requiring some skill in preparing the instrument.

Gimbal calibration is a very important operation, which can affect the end result of the entire operation.

If this type of media was born for use on drones, for some time there are also handheld versions, ie designed for “hand-held” use: in either case balancing the camera on its support is a boulevard operation importance.

It is such a decisive phase that DJI, in order to simplify the operations of the end user, has decided to produce systems specifically designed for specific machine and lens body combinations, and above all the latest models offers directly equipped with gimbal and camcorder , So as to avoid the operator from having to learn the procedure with the resulting risk of failure.

Even for DJI, however, as with many other solutions, it is required that the system is properly balanced. In other words, the body and the lens must remain in “natural” balance on the different moving axes so that the engine system can intervene with the utmost timeliness and the least effort to keep the camera in balance.

There are several ways to achieve this: to make understanding easier we chose a video that explains the “trick”.

The secret is to act on the individual axes, calmly and working in a comfortable environment. Certainly with some products the way is easier than with others, but attention to the different passages and patience for a millimeter process are the key to success, whether it’s with a drone that by hand. Good job!



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