Flight Simulator for Drones Racer FPV for PC and MAC to download for free – DRL Drone League Racing

Flight Simulator for Drones Racer FPV for PC and MAC to download for free – DRL Drone League Racing. The world of FPV racing drums is experiencing a stage of real boom and an increasing number of modelers want to get close to this fascinating hobby.

One of the limitations of this passion is the costs associated with the breaks (almost inevitable of propellers, brushless engines, electronics, chassis, antennas, etc.) caused by the bumps.

Piloting an FPV drone is not like driving a radio controlled car (at least if you do not do it on a competitive level) and requires great concentration and skill.

To get closer to this form of modeling, one way is to buy the new Drone Racer from Kyosho, the first competition designed for the general public (configurable via the Windows Drone Racer Setting Manager) or alternatively Can start using one of the online drone flight simulators. One of these is the flight simulator for FPV Drone Racing developed by the Drone Racing League (one of the world’s most important international multicore competitions).

This “DRL SImulator” application is available for both Windows PC (Microsoft) operating systems and Apple Macs with OSX.

Click here to download this free FPV drone flight simulator. The file weighs about 800 Mega and for the moment the App is still in beta test, so you can find some bugs or malfunctions in the simulation (but as a free software we can not complain about this program offered by the DLR Drone Racing League) .

I remember that DRL is also gaining the public of non-modelers thanks also to the collaboration with big television networks that are starting to convey the competitions of this innovative and engaging dynamic modeling discipline. For this reason, project managers have decided to develop a flight simulator that allows all PC owners to experience flying (and probably understand the great ability of drivers performing in these competitions).



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