Lego Technic Pagani Huayra radio controlled!

Lego Technic Pagani Huayra radio controlled! Here is a new LEGO masterpiece made by our friend Paul Kmiec, better known as Sariel: a reproduction of a Pagani Huayra 55 cm long and heavy 2.6kg. This super-radio made of LEGO bricks has required several months of work.

The Pagani Huayra car (C9 project) is the second model produced by the small automobile company founded by Horacio Pagani. The name comes from Huayra-tata, the god of the wind, who controls the breezes, winds and hurricanes that invest the Andean cordillera.

The original Huayra has taken five years of work and has a truly incredible look thanks to aggressive lines, four square drainage terminals and upper side air intakes behind goalkeepers recapturing hunting elements used by military aviation.

Like all models made by Sariel this Lego Technic Pagani Huayra is not for sale in toy stores (it is useless to insist, Sariel does not make models for other enthusiasts) but can comuqnue be inspired for those who want to make their own after reading The The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder’s Guide (a book considered the Lego mechanics bible published in California’s No Starch Press types and just came to the second edition of the Sariel book devoted to Tech Creation enthusiasts.



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