RC4WD Earth Digger 4200XL RC excavator

RC4WD Earth Digger 4200XL RC excavator. The American RC4WD kids posted a new movie that sees as the protagonist the updated version of the Komatsu Earth digger 4200 XL hydraulic excavator on a scale of 1/12.

This radio-controlled model designed for earth-loving model makers is made of metal parts machined with numerically controlled machines, driven by a powerful 350kV brushless system and is controlled by a custom 2.4GHz eight-channel radio remote control.

I remember that this model after the release of the new Earth Digger 360L (more powerful than the predecessor Earth Digger 4200 XL can lift up to 70 Kg) at this time is in special offer and costs almost half the standard price (click here for Access the official RC4WD page).

The RC4WD Earth Digger 4200 XL remote controlled excavator is almost completely machined parts with numerically controlled machines (the 50mm diameter casters are in cast steel) the hydraulic system is run by a powerful brushless system (the engine is A 350KV controlled by a 125A brushless ESC speed controller with BEC).



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