VIDEO: MSR S Blade – RC Heli

VIDEO: MSR S Blade – RC Heli. Here is the first promotional video of the new fixed-helicopter Blade mSR S distributed in Italy by Horizon Hobby. This ultra-light and compact helicopter is able to fly both in closed and open spaces and is the ideal choice for beginner modelers wishing to learn to pilot a radio controlled helicopter.

Although small the helicopter electronics is equipped with SAFE and AS3X technology. By setting high or low rates in both Stability and Agility flight modes, the helicopter fits into the environment and flight style of the model behind the radio remote control.

The helicopter weighs just 31 grams in flight mode and is very durable and in case of impact. Thanks to the Panic Recovery Mode in the event of a loss of control by pressing a button this helicopter automatically returns to a stable flight avoiding crashing as it did in the past to all beginners who are flying.

For the most experienced riders there are flight modes such as agility and 3D that allow you to perform spectacular flying acrobatics.



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