0618 Dancing Drones: dance and dune thanks to Yuneec

0618 Dancing Drones: dance and dune thanks to Yuneec. Though a few months ago, the Dancing Drones dance project is worthy of recuperation, which in these times of lively creative research brings a particular example of man / drone interaction. Made on the occasion of an important Milanese dance show, the video was produced thanks to Yuneec support that made men and aircraft available during the shooting and video shooting days.

A group of professional dancers has been involved in a choreography specially designed to create interaction between the movement and a series of quadricons, driven by a team of experts within an exhibition pavilion.

Very particular ambience, a very impressive music track and the use of particularly sophisticated lights have created a special atmosphere and emotional impact, where Yuneec aircraft emerge not only for their “flying camcorders” but are part of choreography And the general aesthetics of the video clip.

Inspired by the relationship between man and machine and evolution, from which the reference 0618 of the Fibonacci series, this film dedicated to modern dance aims to represent as there is a harmony in the relationship between human civilization and technology, which has always been in one Essential symbiotic exchange.

Five quadricotteri organized according to a very precise direction have both played the role of a special eye in filming and that of an additional technological element in the execution of space movements, using the sky as the supplementary extension of the general choreography.

The video was used as a teaser for the event, and projected at the event with great success and appreciation for the present: a new frontier for the development of highly creative, multiflat applications.

Let’s see what the future looks forward to!



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