TeknoRC NB48.4 – Competition Nitro Buggy 1/8

TeknoRC NB48.4 – Competition Nitro Buggy 1/8. TeknoRC NB48.4stem with renewed ackermann plate, revolving rear suspension pivot geometry, universal conveyor transmission and a new gear ratio for greater efficiency. The shock absorbers have also undergone changes and are supplied with new springs and new aluminum caps that allow for emulsion mounting, ventilated and non-ventilated.

The model is intended for competitions and is sold in assembly kits. To be completed you will need to purchase the electronics, engine, exhaust and tires separately.

New Features TeknoRC NB48.4

New 7075 CNC machined aluminum frame with anti-wear treatment.
New steering geometry and Ackermaan plate.
New pivot suspension geometry.
New transmission with universal omocinetics.
New gear ratios for greater efficiency.
New cushioning pistons in Delrin.
New back brazier.
New aluminum dampers (emulsion, ventilated, non-ventilated).
New shock absorbers.
New bodywork.

Link: teknorc.com



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