TLR 22T 3.0 MM Race Stadium Truck 2WD

TLR 22T 3.0 MM Race Stadium Truck 2WD. Among Team Losi’s novelties, we find the new TLR 22T 3.0 MM Race Kit Two-Wheeled Truck Stacker. The model is sold in assembly kits with many of the optional parts of the 22T 2.0 and includes a number of modifications that make it even more manageable and performing.

The engine has been shifted 12mm to the differential and increases the weight balance on the rear by improving grip, control and curve entry speed. In addition, a new 3-gear drive is also included in the package, which reduces the roll of the chassis by increasing stability and braking. It is also possible to mount a 4-gear drive separately sold.

Revised rear suspension geometry.

Rear arms and cushion towers have new positions for mounting the shock absorbers. These changes focus on improving the control of jumps, landings and rear rolls.

Adjustable anti-squat

As with the TLR 22 3.0, the rear pins use inserts for adjusting the posterior and anti-squat convergence. This makes it easier to adjust the geometry quickly without having to buy additional parts. The rear convergence can be adjusted in increments of 0.5 degrees from 2.5 to 4.0 degrees. The anti-squat rear adjustments range from 0.0 to 3.0 degrees.

Rear hub

The base of the rear hub is made of composite material and aluminum. The composite material allows the bearing to have no play over the hubs entirely made of aluminum.

Battery in transverse position

The aluminum frame is thicker than 2.5mm wide and allows to mount LiPo type battery packs in three different positions. This allows for better weight management depending on the driver’s driving style and track conditions.

HDS Slipper

The TLR 22T 3.0 includes an adjustable Heavy Duty Slipper (HDS) anti-slip clutch with cylindrical gears.

Shared parts

All the main components of the 22T 3.0 parts are identical to those used on the 22SCT 3.0 and facilitate the availability of spare parts and the management of the latter for dealers.

Features TLR 22T 3.0 MM Race Stadium Truck 2WD

  • Type: Stadium Truck 2WD.
  • Scale: 1/10.
  • Length: 400 mm.
  • Width: 322 mm.
  • Height: 143 mm.
  • Step: 286-290 mm.
  • Chassis: 2.5mm Thickness Aluminum 7075-T6.
  • Suspension: lower A-Arm, adjustable upper link.
  • Gear Pitch: 48P.
  • Shock Absorbers: 12mm Big Bore Oil.
  • Bodywork: 22T 3.0 in polycarbonate.
  • Mounting time: 3-5 hours.

Accessories required to complete the TLR 22T 3.0 MM Race

  • ESC speed controller.
  • Servant.
  • Tires.
  • Receiver and radio remote control.
  • Pignone 48P.
  • Battery charger.
  • Battery.
  • Colors for bodywork.



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