De Agostini returns to the newsstand: build the legendary DeLorean of Return to the Future on scale 1/8

De Agostini returns to the newsstand: build the legendary DeLorean of Return to the Future on scale 1/8. On January 31st, Japan came a spectacular new collection of De Agostini weekly booklets dedicated to the mythical movie trilogy Back To The Future directed by Robert Zemeckis. The new design of the Italian publishing house allows to build a 1/8 scale replica of the legendary DeLorean of the film Back to the Future!

This static automobile model is a diecast with some plastic parts ABS is really gigantic: 52.7 centimeters in length for 23.2 centimeters in width and 14.3 in height (which become 24.5 centimeters when the gull wing wings they are open). The weight of this beast? Just over 8 Kg!

The replica made by De Agostini is very detailed and to add a touch of realism in addition this reproduction is also equipped with a LED system that deals with illuminating various elements of this time machine in assembly kits.

The time machine created by Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown is built using a DeLorean DMC 12, the only car model built by the American manufacturer DeLorean Motor Company, which has been in production for just a couple of years, from 1981 to 1983. Little more than 9,000 specimens have been produced, which are now collectibles among lovers of the Zemeckis trilogy.

William Collins, first engineer and designer, who had worked for years as chief engineer at Pontiac’s automobile, completed the first prototype of the DeLorean DMC12 in October 1976.

At this time this collection of weekly “Back To The Future: De Lorean” booklets is only for the Japanese market but, given the success that the science fiction story of Return to the Future is also available in other countries, I am sure that this new editorial project Will also arrive in the newsstands of other countries in the world.

The number of collection outputs is 130 so it takes over two years of patience (and a fine budget) to complete this masterpiece of static science fiction. OK, it will not be a car model within the reach of all pockets, but judging by the pictures and the data this replica is the best of those currently available on the market.



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