Drones and Disability: Fly without wings thanks to DJI

Drones and Disability: Fly without wings thanks to DJI. DJI publishes on its YouTube channel a new video, genuinely a bit strappaclick but very interesting and also, say so, with a twist on the use of more socially concrete drones.

At the castle, which is almost unmistakable in Haut-Koenigsbourg, a medieval structure in Alsace (France), a virtual reality show has been set up to organize a very special visit to the facility itself.

Thanks to a Phantom 4 and a series of viewers for virtuous reality and immersive vision, a local company called Drone Alsace organizes special visits to the historic site, which can be explored from a truly unusual point of view.

To be a narrator of the video is Florent, a man afflicted with a severe motor disability that could thus easily access the narrow spaces and the narrow steps of the castle.

Thanks to the Phantom flight, it is possible for Florent to access the perimeter of the building, and to see from every corner of every detail. Through the viewer, very spectacular scenarios are opened, and as he himself says in the video, it is possible to experience a perception similar to the actual flight.

The experience is designed to help those who have difficulty accessing the site physically, so even older people are also handicapped, but it is certainly an experience of great interest and special emotional strength for adults and children as well as Sees during clip images.

A new use of multicore technology, in this case, integrated by VR viewers that seem (and will probably be) a new front of the very shortest technological expansion.



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