Droni: Are we expecting a future of Giant Drone Racing?

Drones: Are we expecting a future of Giant Drone Racing? Is there a future for us to see a Giant Drone Racing championship? To hear Chris Ballard, Australian CEO Freedom Drone Sport is a more than realistic chance. Giant giant drifts, and when we say giants we mean belve 1500 class 1500 fifteen millimeters (ONE METER AND INTERSECTION LOCATION) that reach 160 mph. In comparison, the “normal” 250 multicamps are crazy microbes escaping from a flea circus.

The Australian company is working hard on a project that sees a really impressive class of drones, based on 4-rotor aircraft of a half-meter distance.

With batteries that can carry them from 0 to 80 mph in less than a second (!) Freedom Race drones are definitely the link between reality and sci-fi, technology and performance.

The idea is undoubtedly interesting: one of the (few) criticisms faced by FPV competitions is the difficulty of tracking aircraft with a camcorder, which results in poor television performance of the competitions: with aircraft of this size, even at speeds Very high, television shooting will certainly be made easier.

Do we have to expect large racing fields like arenas and giant aircraft that devour air evolving against any law of physics?

The idea is undoubtedly seductive, but at the time of concretely visible there is quite a bit: some videos that show nothing concrete and a futuristic aerodynamic study really interesting but still just a rendering.

The company announces that in 2017 the first concrete operations will be started, with real competitions and demonstrations: we will see, we hope it is not yet another flop of the drones world, not least the long-awaited Lily, Unmistakable the market for remote control systems.

Here’s the last post in the blog, unfortunately dating back to November 2016 and here’s also a video that can be found online today. Definitely great potential but still nothing concrete! But surely we will keep you up to date.



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