How to convert brushless the Kyosho Mad Force

How to convert brushless the Kyosho Mad Force. Hi friends Modelists, if you are stuck in this web page of my personal blog, you mean that you want to convert your Kyo
sho Monster Truck powered by a blast engine.

I’m a happy owner of two Kyosho Monster Trucks, more specifically Mad Force and Mad Armor (a kit sold in america nearly 20 years ago), being a fan of this car Rc, the second full version of upgrade like for example aluminum steering tie rods and hub couplings for the two central axles etc etc.

We come to the point now, my choice of making electric the Mad has fallen on Armour (which is the car I use most). Among my modeling things I found a Hobbywing brushless electric combo with esc from 80amp and 1850 kv engine, not very powerful but still great to test about this conversion.

After dismantling the Mad Force gear group, I support the near brushless engine to start thinking about how to do it .. it would have been a lot easier to buy all Kyosho spare parts from the Mad Force SP, but it would have been too easy and it would have led me more money to do this.

Looking at the gearbox I noticed that I could use two methods / positions to attach the electric motor to the Mad, the first is that I could just mount the engine just behind the Mad Force 3 gear shift shaft and join them with a hose aluminum or steel built to hoc, the second (the one I chose) could even mount the chain pinion right on the axis of the engine I had among my things.

I noticed that the pinion hole was wider than the electric motor shaft, and so it was good and it was not well centered on the axle. How did I fix it? Combining the inside of a broken bearing I had in my scrap box (I never throw anything away) was wearing a brush on the motor axis, but I had (with elbow oil) to squat the outside to fit the bush in the pinion hole (do not do it like me that I did so to the limit that I had to use the hydraulic press hook).

For now we stop here, upgrades in progress .. do not hesitate to comment if you want info about it



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