The final of the Italian race “FORMULA LIMBO FANI 2017” was held: Here are the Winners

On a windy windy day, the “open end” of the 4th Fani Formula Limbo Cup took place, organized by FANI A.S.D. .

The day saw fewer drivers (8) than expected for the final (16) due to unstable weather conditions, but this did not affect the expected fun, and during the day!

At the end, Carmine Farano, Ruggiero Porcelluzzi and Tommaso Lomuscio of GAIB in Barletta, Francesco Sparapano of CAB in Bari, Antonio Seccia of the AVS Group of Val Di Sangro, and Andrea Cantoro, Mario Christian Angiuli and Michele Montanaro of the Fly Club of San Severe; just the latter brought home the whole podium at the end of a day of very intense and particularly stressful flying from the point of view of the pilot.

the contestants had to counter the most difficult opponent, that is, a strong wind across the track that required special attention and high reactivity in the pilot to keep the models intact, and above all, the very safety of pilots and the public this; in the light of this, a “virtual” applause goes to all the participants for having made this particularly challenging test! The race has seen since the first launch of the 3 winners to compete on the defensive level of the Trofeo Challenge and home host Carmine Farano, but at the end of the 3 planned launches, all of them very much fought, the end result was a “tris” of the Fly Club “Matteo Cristalli” of San Severo, which closes exactly as it had begun in the first qualifying race: 1st place for Andrea Cantoro, winner of the 4th Fani Formula Limbo Cup and holder of the Trophy Challenge for 2017/2018, 2nd place for Mario Christian Angiuli, and 3rd place for Michele Montanaro.

So, next spring, I will be meeting again for qualifying races ahead of the 5th Fani Formula Limbo Cup, with the final scheduled for October 2018 at the San Severo Fly Club “Matteo Cristalli”.

Miky Montanaro



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